Tuesday, February 27, 2007


There are two news for Dan for today. In first-one, Telegraph newspaper posted an interview with Dan in which he told about Equus, his career choices as an actor and taking on a part in this serious play.

According to Newspaper,

"JR Maiming a horse is a far cry from riding a hippogriff, isn't it?
DR Completely. There came a point on the third Potter film when I thought, acting is what I want to do. I thought it would be a bad idea to wait till the Potter films were all finished to do something else. There are certain people who will be more than happy to see you in any other role you like, and there will be some who will never, ever see you as anything other than Harry Potter. Once you've accepted that, it's fine - you just do whatever you like. With this, they can say I'm good or terrible but the one thing they can't say is I haven't challenged myself."

In the second news, Forbes mag has released "Young Hollywood's Top-Earning Stars", in which he has been ranked at No. 2, earning over$13 million USD (around 574 crores) for OOTP movie.

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