Saturday, September 29, 2007

DVD trailer and National Awards

The DVD Trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has just arrived. Although it contains nothing very special, but it can be seen here--

And a very very cool news. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has won 3 out of 6 awards at ITV's National Awards. OOTP has won best family film award, Dan won the Best Male Actor award and Emma won best female actor award. Isn't its great!

And here's the video:-

The whole even will air ITV1 UK (unfortunately not in India) tommorrow.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Half-Blood Prince Hindi translation released

Wait is over and within 2 months of 'Maya Panchchi Ka Samuh', Harry Potter's 6th Book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince's Hindi translation 'हैरी पॉटर और हाफ - ब्लड प्रिन्स' (i.e. Harry Potter aur Half-Blood Prince) has been released. It is available in your nearest book store for just INR 275. Book is of 570 pages and it is translated by Sudhir Dixit.

One thing to be noted is that the title of 'Half-Blood Prince' hasn't been translated. The word Half-Blood has been same in hindi translations, but Pure-Blood and Mud-Blood are known as 'शुद्ध खून' and 'बदजात' , respectively. Although in movies, term Half-Blood is called 'Milla Jula / मिल जुला ' and words same like 'Half-Blood'. Well I must say people who translated this book are not into innovation.

Cover art is available on your left-corner.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Confusion Confusion Confusion

Reading the above heading you all also are in confusion? Well it is about OOTP's DVD. Everyone knows that it is going to release one month earlier in UK and one month later in US. Confusion is about deleted scenes. Early reports this month said that there are 7 minutes of additional footage. After that news came out that the additional scenes are of 17 minutes. And now some sites suggests that the deleted scenes are of 30 minutes (as Marcie of says).
So confusion is what is the real length?

I think this will be going to releaved when we will see the back-artwork of Order of the Phoenix's Two Disc Special Edition.
Hey hang-on one more confusion that, when DVD is going to release in India? Saregama Home Video's site is currently offline for some upgradation so there is no info about his matter. Hopefully all these 'confusions' will be over soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So guys it has been lots of time I haven't posted, so here is the huge, but quick newsround. Lots of news is on the net, most of them are excellent but slightly heartbreaking, though.

HBP FILMING STARTED YESTERDAY, JIM BROADBENT IS HORACE SLUGHORN- Yesterday was 17th of September. Official Half-Blood Prince filming has just started. More casting news is that Academy Award winning British actor Jim Broadbent has been casted as Horace Slughorn.

Slightly unfair to US (and may be to India too?) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix's DVD will be going to released on 12 November in UK. More Happy news is that they have increased the length of additional footage to 17 Minutes. Happy news, isn't is!

JO TO VISIT CANADA. Our magical writer J K Rowling will be going to visit Canada on October 23. When she will visit India, anyway?

Hey you can discuss it in comments!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

OOTP DVD to be released on December 11th

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix's different DVD versions and HD-DVD/Bluray versions will be going to released on December 11th (long way) in US. It is unclear when these home videos will be going to released in India or even HDDVD/Bluray will be going to released in India or not.

Prices for HDDVD and Bluray are pretty high though, reaching $34 to $40 (INR Rs. 1380 to Rs. 1630, if they release in India).
Price for Two Disc Special Edition (pretty sure) will be around Rs. 699
There will be special features in Two Disc Editon as well as Bluray and HDDVD. Two Disc Editon features are:
10 minutes of never before seen footage."Trailing Tonks" featurette - Spend a day with Actress Nat Tena and receive a very personal and often wacky tour of the Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix stages.
"Harry Potter: The Magic of Editing" featurette - Director David Yates and Editor Mark Day show us what a difference a good edit makes and then allow you to edit a scene.
"The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter" featurette - We look for clues in the past Harry Potter films for what the future films may hold.
Plus 10 minutes of addition footage and making clips.

Friday, September 7, 2007

New Layout

So, this is the new MIBlog's Layout. However, there is no new banner at the top (i'm currently working on it). Do you liked it or not, please post your opinion in your comments or mail me to

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Please Comment...!

That sounds poor but I want to know about popularity of my blog. My dear Indian Friends, please comment to posts, it doesn't breaks your keyboard!

Anyway, popularity of your blog has increasing day by day! My Site Counter says 6 people per 5 hours visit my blog and overall my blog has been viewed 400 times since Aug 07.
People spend 2 minutes average on my site. I WILL hopefully add new features on this blog so keep checking and COMMENTING!
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Film Newsround

There are two pieces of news for this day. Both are great, fantastic!
Check'em out:
BONHAM REPRISES HER ROLE AS BELLA: Our Wicked Witch playing actress, Helena Bonham Carter will come back in Harry Potter and the Half-Blod Prince too. She is pregnant so she will film her part in the Spring 2008 (March-April).

OOTP WORLDWIDE GROSS CROSSES USD 900 MILLION: Great piece of news it is! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has crossed the 900 Million (worldwide) mark within just 50 days. Phoenix's current worldwide gross is 911 Million USD, domestic (US) gross is 286 Million and UK gross is 95 Million. Hopefully it will cross one billion mark at the end.