Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Hoorey kids, its summer vocations! I think you all are enjoying, playing games, learning new things and once again, reading n watching Harry Potter.
So, I wish all of you students "a very very happy and enjoyable summer vocations"!!

WB and Universal integrates for Potter Theme Park, 3 new previews!

At last, in a press release, WB and Universal studios announced that a theme park will be made in United States [in in Orlando, Florida] *sobbs :-(

Concept art is released also, which looks inspired from Potter movies. Universal and WB both will be going to develop this park (oh note that books are copyright to JK Rowling, movies are copyright to Jo and WB jointly and this theme park is copyright to WB and Universal).

Stuart Craig, movies set designer and 20 engeeniers will be going to make this adventure live.

Hopefully HPDH movie might be shot in this theme park!

View preview art:

This is a bit unfortunate for Indians.... anyway, enjoy Americans!

OOTP Release Dates: 11 July to 13 July?

Good news HP lovers, WB has updated opened a micro-page with international release dates. However, it is a not up-to-date, but it gives several new release dates for 65 countries.

According to this page, OOTP will be released on 13th of July and that's what I think is official (but I'm worried that page hasn't been recently updated). But anyway, you can check it out here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OOTP Release dates changed!

WB has announced that OOTP will be going to released in US on 11th of July and in UK on 12th of July. Enjoy, UK/US folks!

Anyway, there's still some doubt about release date of OOTP in India.
Thanks MuggleNet for the tip.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Two new OOTP TV Spots!

With thanks to WB, now we have 6 TV Spots (2 new, 4 old) high quality quicktime links!
Check 'em out!
FIRST TV SPOT - We get a fine look at Umbridge, Snape, Malfoy, Tonks and Twin's Exit

SECOND TV SPOT- This one totally focuses on the main theme of the film. We see Lucius Malfoy and a look at prophecy.

You can get links to these videos at MuggleNet

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ellen Show's clip

Yesterday, on WB's Ellen show, a new clip made a debut all over. This clip shows Umbridge being introduced to all the Hogwarts students by Dumbledore and after that Umbridge giving a honoured (more likely, hateful) speech. At the end Umbridge giggles.

Check It Out:

Download in High Quality WMV: Save Target As (thanks to HPANA).

Monday, May 21, 2007

Zee News aired a special "Bole To Bollywood" about HP

Today, Zee News's movie show "Bole To Bollywood" aired a 19 min special coverage on Harry Potter.

Again, if anyone has video/ or was able to capture, please do let us know!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

मगल इंडिया अब हिंदी में!

हिंदी (Hindi)

तो आप जैसा कि देख ही रहे हैं कि ब्लॉगर ने अब इंग्लिश से हिंदी की ट्रांसलिटरेशन की शुरुआत कर दी है। तो अब से मगल इंडिया की चुनिंदा पोस्ट्स अब हिंदी में होंगी। ऎन्जॉय!

For those who are totally shocked about the above text, let me tell you that your favorite blog's some posts (only selected ones) will be available in Hindi also. So, keep visiting!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

New OOTP International poster Banner!

As I told you some days earlier, I was working on banner of your favorite banner. So, here it is.... MuggleIndia Blog's new banner!!
Please send your suggestions about this banner and tell me some other ideas at (this is MI's new email ID)

Headlines Today aired a special show for HPDH

Yesterday, Headlines Today (news channel) aired a special show about rumors for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It also showed some clips from OOTP movie.

If you have recorded that programme, please let us know - .

OOTP Completed; Runtime Speculations

We have got a new info from internal sources that Order of the Phoenix has been totally completed and is ready for release. Oh note that Kreecher's voice artist is still undetermined.

RUNTIME SPECULATIONS: OOTP will be shorter than GoF (that's for sure) so, it will be less than 148 Minutes. It is shorten than PoA also, so it is not of 142 minutes. Remains SOS, and COS both are above 140 mins, so it is expected that this movie will be over 120 mins (that is 101% sure).

Final note- Runtime of OOTP will be between 128 minutes to 140 minutes, 137 minutes suites most.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

OOTP Websites update, a 4 min soundtrack!

As you all know Harry Potter's UK and US sites has been updated with lots of new design with some images. And big thing is that the site also showed some amazing 4 minute preview of Soundtrack.

We'll shortly provide you that 4 minute track played on US website.
Click here to play soundtrack!

Note: This audio track is not hosted at this blog. Soundtrack is copyrighted and hence it is only meant for listening. Copyright (C) 2007 Warner Bros. Records.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another release date for OOTP

This day morning a special programme was aired on Star News about Dan's Indian look-alike (although he wasn't really matching) Star News said that
"Harry Potter ki ek nayi film 17 July ko release hogi"
meaning OOTP will be released on 17th July in India. Anyway, this news is not really true till we hear something from WB.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pogo website updated!

Well.. I know that I'm late, but for those who don't know, Pogo's website has been updated with May Movie Magic's goodies. You can watch some TV spots and download some wallpapers from all 4 Harry Potter movies.

Click here for some cool tv spots for "May Movie Magic".

OOTP to be released on 19th July?

This is a sad news! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released on 19th July in India, according to IMDb. But IMDb is never reliable so, wait for some few weeks till we get some true news. But if IMDb is right than OOTP will be released 6 days after US, however 19th July is thursday so chances are "not very high".

It could be 20th July (Friday) or 13th July (Friday). Hope for the best!