Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Domestic Trailer: Description

The Leaky Cauldron.org has posted brand new description of OOTP's domestic full length trailer.

Check it out in Leaky's way:

The new trailer will contain looks at Grawp; Neville in front of the door to the Room of Requirement; clips of Harry telling Ron and Hermione about the snog with Cho; Harry and Hermione discussing the DA; glimpses of the DA lessons, new shots of the Order of the Phoenix on Privet Drive; Snape speaking about the connection between the Dark Lord’s mind and Harry’s, new shots of the DA in the Ministry of Magic, as well as images of what exactly Voldemort conjured with that ball of fire, among others from the final battle.

I think this trailer shows some new footage + some exciting battle scenes. For first screencaps and online trailer stay tuned at this post!

UPDATE: Only 4 hours to go!