Sunday, November 18, 2007

Order of the Phoenix DVD released in India

After long wait, Order of the Phoenix DVD has been released in countrywide today. However, some online stores enabled the pre-ordering of the DVD, and in some big stores, in Mumbai and Bangalore it was available since November 15th for Shopping. But today it was released in whole India.

Saregama has released two versions of the movie. One is Two Disc Special Edition DVD (in English only) and the other is movie only VCD (in English and well as Hindi).
Two Disc Special Edition DVD is priced at Rs. 699 (INR / around 17.7 USD)
VCD version is priced at Rs. 299 (INR/ around 7.6 USD) .

It looks like HD-DVD edition and Bluray will NOT going to released in India. But only time will tell...

EDIT: Some of our readers are saying that Bluray has been also released in India, but only in big movie stores in big cities. But again, it should again to be considered as a rumor as I don't have any web-evidance of this news.

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Abhijit Dande said...

BLU RAY AND HD DVD is also released in INDIA which is available only in leading shopping centres like planet-m etc.

you have to order it specially...

The cost of the BLURAY disc is 1999/- INR