Tuesday, December 4, 2007

MuggleIndia 'Order of the Phoenix' DVD Review

Well, it has been a long month since Order of the Phoenix DVD has been released. sorry for being later but here is a brief review-

'Order of the Phoenix- Good as well as very bad DVD'

So folks, enjoying aren't you? I know some of you still haven't owned the Two Disc Special Edition DVD so for those people here is MuggleIndia's Review.

Great Movie (Disc One Review)

What I should say about the film? Ofcourse it is good. And crystal clear video and audio adds more delight into it. Video quality, as expected is great and very clear. Audio is also good but only problem in the audio is its low-pitch sound as compared to the original. Otherwise, I must say the Disc One of Two is great.

What the heck? (Disc Two Review)

'Kya socha tha aur kya paya' That totally fits into the disc two of the Two Disc Special Edition DVD of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. There are 4 extras in the second disc and these are namely-

Deleted Scenes - There were, let me remember, I think 4 or 5 . Yes.. 7. Two of them were totally boring (Trelawney Eating, Malfoy and gang ice fighting and very short clip of Umbridge's polluted hair after Weasley's exit). Other scenes were okay.
Hidden Secrets of Potter - Includes some previous movies' scenes and some cast interviews. Not very special.
Magic of Editing- Very good, but only for some particular audience interested in film making. Good fun.
Trailing Tonks- Best Part of the DVD. Awesomely narrated by Natalia Tena (aka Nymphdora Tonks), includes very personal tour of Nat walking around Leavesden Studios.
There is another extra, sneek peak at sets and quidditch costumes of Half-Blood Prince movie. Nothing very special again.
So Disc Second totally dissapoints us. In short apart from Trailing Tonks 'nothing very special'.
Hope you enjoy better than me.
And on a short note, as Warner Home Video's official site says, the US Bluray and HD-DVD Edition will have some more features, more deleted scenes (17 min) and some focus points. Eww... feeling of envy.

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