Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Half-Blood Prince Sneak Peaks

Eh well another great day of greatest jealous. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix's US Edition DVD contains some excellent, great and exciting footages (or we can say milisecond clips) of HBP film, which is due to release in 2008. Now I got it why our US friends waited for some long one month.

These sneak peaks contains cast interviews, some behind the scene footage and bunch of very small CCTV footages of HBP. These are-
Draco Cursing Harry on the Train (He says 'Petrificus Totalis')
Harry saying 'If did find them all, you destroyed each of the Horcrux' to Dumbledore.
Daily Prophet having headline of 'Death Eater Attack Targets Muggles'.
Harry and Ginny about to kiss. (lovely)
And much much more. So watch it :-


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