Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pogo will not air Order of the Pheonix

So it is now crystal clear that Pogo is not going to air Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in hindi (dub).
Generally, Pogo airs all Harry Potter movies. but this time Pogo is going to air only Goblet of Fire and some new movies like Krrish and Dragonheart will be going to be broadcasted in May Movie Magic.

The most important reason for not airing Order of the Phoenix is because 'one year gap' between theatrical release and tv premiere. OOTP, as we all know was released in India on June 13th 2007, and Pogo airs Harry Potter movies in May (each year). So, this clears everything about why Pogo is not going to air OOTP.

Anyway, we all have to wait one big year for Pogo to air OOTP. But enjoy May Movie Magic only on Pogo.