Saturday, July 7, 2007

Namaste, says Emma

Yeah that's right. Pogo's Music Dance Arts programme's host, Rob has conducted a fresh new interview with the cast trio. They all told Rob about their characters, the movie and most specially, their views about India. This interesting interview will be going to air on 14th July at 7:00 PM IST on Pogo TV. This interview was conducted on June 27th at London (Press Junket). Most funny this is that Dan, Emma and Rup said few lines in Hindi, lol.

Today, a sneak peak at OOTP was aired. Although it contained most of the old clips, but we see it in India's point of view. If you have given the right answers, than you can have complete star treatment, starting with a make-over by a Bollywood stylist, staying at a five star hotel, arriving to the grand premiere in a luxurious car and will also get a chance to watch the premiere with POGO’s favorite host, Rob! To participate in this contest, viewers need to send SMS ‘HP’ followed by the option (A/B/C/D) to 8558.

On a very very important note, if you have this video than please send at .
THANKS a lot, Pogo. We love this channel.