Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Please Comment...!

That sounds poor but I want to know about popularity of my blog. My dear Indian Friends, please comment to posts, it doesn't breaks your keyboard!

Anyway, popularity of your blog has increasing day by day! My Site Counter says 6 people per 5 hours visit my blog and overall my blog has been viewed 400 times since Aug 07.
People spend 2 minutes average on my site. I WILL hopefully add new features on this blog so keep checking and COMMENTING!
Anyway anyone who wishes to join the administration of this blog can send me email to

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MICKY said...

OOTP in my opinion is the worst of all hp movies.They had cut all the main plot like two-way mirror (most important),history of james n lily
,the most part of phophecy and conversation between harry and albus.

Also does anyone know where can i get hindi trailer of ootp and its hindi wallpapers n' posters.
If yes please reply me at