Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Confusion Confusion Confusion

Reading the above heading you all also are in confusion? Well it is about OOTP's DVD. Everyone knows that it is going to release one month earlier in UK and one month later in US. Confusion is about deleted scenes. Early reports this month said that there are 7 minutes of additional footage. After that news came out that the additional scenes are of 17 minutes. And now some sites suggests that the deleted scenes are of 30 minutes (as Marcie of says).
So confusion is what is the real length?

I think this will be going to releaved when we will see the back-artwork of Order of the Phoenix's Two Disc Special Edition.
Hey hang-on one more confusion that, when DVD is going to release in India? Saregama Home Video's site is currently offline for some upgradation so there is no info about his matter. Hopefully all these 'confusions' will be over soon.

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