Thursday, March 1, 2007

Equus - Opening day and standing ovation

Dan's west-end debut, Equus opened last night here in London, and the whole theatre was full of crowd. All of the performers recieved good comments and especially Dan recieved standing ovation. Other celebs also gave good comments on his role.

According to The Times:
Radcliffe proves an assured actor and makes a perfectly able equimaniac. He can do aggression and pain, and, oddly, is lacking only in the sense of magic and wonder the part demands.
though gripping and theatrically skilful, Equus is at root dated, pretentious and even a bit pernicious, much like the 1960s guru who clearly influenced Shaffer.
You can view the reviews at : The Independent , The Guardian , The Times and Reuters .
There is an interview of Dan and Richard Griffiths (who plays Uncle Vernon), telecasted at CNN last night.

Courtesy: YouTube (this video is not hosted at this blog)

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