Tuesday, March 6, 2007

First Reviews of OOTP are Online

Okay guys, before you proceed to view all this, I must tell you that a big spoiler awaits you ahead. Ain't Cool News has posted a review for OOTP and well as fans at MuggleNet has also given three reviews.
So, Here's some main cool plot details from all 4 reviews (remember, I've no idea about the movie yet as I haven't seen it. So, these are most possible plot details from the above reviews. )
BIG SPOILER, select to view :-
- Film starts same as book (with Dementors attack)
- Dursleys are given short time in the movie but all 3 or 5 minutes are awesome.
- Tonks is not so cool and is quite different as book.
- The flight through London is awe-inspiring.
- Moody on his specialised broom is superb.
- Grimmauld place is grim and the Black family tapestry is enormous.
- Lupin's on-screen time is too short .
- Michael Gambon is now a bit calm and gives a tinge of Richard Harris. He's improving.
- Luna is damn good.
- Imelda Staunton's Dolores Umbridge is simply one of the most evil creations you will ever wish to see.
- The DA scenes are handled superbly .
- The Harry and Cho's kiss is not just a kiss but a full make-out session. (But not too much showing )
- Scenes with Hagrid and Grawp are a tad long, but good.
- Twins exit from Hogwarts is 10 on 10.
- Big difference from the book is Grawp saving Harry and Hermione from Umbridge and the centaurs but Imelda's face as shes flung into the trees in a picture.
- The BIG fight is a masterpiece .
- The fight scene is the coolest one and most matching to the book.
- Death scene is too emotional.

Overall MuggleIndia gives this flick as 7 and a half out of 10 and a PG-13 (U/A) rating.

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